• Separate karaoke rooms

    We have private rooms in each karaoke-club! There is no need to wait your turn in the line to sing your song. Nobody bothers you!

  • Equipment

    We have air-conditioned karaoke rooms and professional equipment with remote control from iPad. Our catalog has over 50000 songs in different languages. Besides, there are retro and  wireless mics.

  • booking conditions

    The karaoke club opens by arrangement and prepayment at the convenient time for you.

    Discount is only with membership card.

  • Bring drinks and food with you

    It is allowed to bring your own drinks and food in our club. Free of charge. In our bar you can order tea, coffee, other beverages, etc. We have bar dishes for your conveniences, that can be provided upon request.

  • Accessories

    The price already includes the carnival costumes, hats, wigs and boas, musical instruments, LED lights, lasers, smoke-machine.

  • Additional service

    We can provide you with balloons, fruit palm, a chocolate fountain, a party presenter, a strip dance, musicians, a magician, and various interesting performers.

  • 35 Marata street

    • 3 karaoke rooms;
    • 2 movie rooms;
    • FRI&SAT and on public holidays 3 hour minimum.
  • 35/1 Bogatyrskiy prospekt

    • 4 karaoke rooms;
    • FRI&SAT and on public holidays 3 hour minimum.
  • Cinema Room

    On Marata street

    Cozy room with cinema, Xbox and karaoke!

    1 450 rub
  • Yellow Room

    On Marata street

    Enjoy karaoke, watch new movies and perfect atmosphere!

    2 100 rub
  • Silver Room

    On Marata street

    Separate karaoke room with all the conveniences!

    2 100 rub
  • Red Room

    On Marata street

    Large room for your friends with 50000 songs in different languages!

    2 600 rub
  • White Room

    On Bogatursky Avenue

    An exclusive design, lighting effects, lovely music!

    2 600 rub
  • Black Room

    On Bogatursky Avenue

    Professional karaoke equipment, perfect sound, posivive emotions!

    2 600 rub
  • Vip Room

    On Bogatursky Avenue

    Spacious room for a big company. Lovely songs in the lighting strand

    2 600 rub
  • Aqua Room

    On Bogatursky Avenue

    Make an unforgettable party at the bottom of the ocean!

    3 100 rub


Взрослый караоке

  • Супердевичник

    Яркий праздник с подругами в красивом дизайне. Более 50000 любимых песен.

  • Корпоратив

    Собери коллег вместе и спой от души.

  • Мини вечеринка

    Караоке-вечеринка с DJ

  • Chicago party

    Таинственная вечеринка с игрой в «МАФИЮ», фотограф, караоке


    Собери своих друзей на караоке-вечеринку!

  • Big party

    Устрой шумную вечеринку с караоке, танцами, DJ и не только!

  • День рождения

    День рождения в отдельной комнате караоке! Удиви своих друзей!

Детский караоке

  • Kids party

    Любые детские праздники с аниматором! Оформление шарами, шоколадный фонтан и другое.

  • Disco party

    Блогерская вечеринка для продвинутых детей! 6 тематических программ на выбор.

  • Show time

    Музыкальная программа с любимым героем, шоу мыльных пузырей, научное шоу, тесла-шоу, бумажное шоу

  • VIP party

    Шоу-программа, DJ, анимационная программа с ведущим, фотограф

Our contacts

35/1 Bogatyrskiy prospekt
LLC "Kom.Lev"

tel: +7 (812) 926-52-35

35 Marata St.
LLC "Kom.Lev"

tel: +7 (812) 987-52-35