Rules of karaoke-club Piterparty

The karaoke-club is a private place, therefore a visitor may be denied the service, without giving a reason. The desicion about refuse is made by Administrator of the club.

You may enter the karaoke room not earlier than 10 minutes before the reservation time. We reccomend to come to the club not earlier that 15 minutes before the start of reservation.

Only after the payment of funds into a bank account the karaoke room is made to be reserved.

A customer need to bring his/her passport into the club. Our club has Face control and Dress code.

Payment for the reservation should be transferred at the club bank account before the reservation time starts. You need to cover the cost of the period before the prolonging.

Dear visitors of the club, in connection with the increasing incidence of the club’s property damage, there is a security deposit of 3000 rubles in cash. At the end of your event, the Administrator will return your cash deposit.If the Customer is late by the reservation time, the time is not recalculated.

In case the customer refusal of the karaoke room reservation the payment is not refundable. By the agreement of Club Administration and Customer the reservation date and time can be changed (during 30 days after the payment, if there is avaliable time).

Administration of the club is not responsible for the customer stuff left unattendent.

When caused damage to the club property, Customer must compensate club’s losses according to the Appendix 1 of the Booking Contract, signed before the event.

Guest can be removed from the club in case of breaking rules of Piterparty club with a money refund of unused time.

Children under 15 years old (inclusive) should be accompanied by adults at the evening time (after 6:00 pm) to the club.

Payment of the servises of the club is an agreement with this rules.

It is not allowed to be in outdoor clothes in the karaoke room.


It is prohibited:

  • Configure audio equipment and conditioner;
  • Walk, jump on the sofas, tables, and window sills;
  • Sit on tables;
  • Smoke inside the club;
  • Damage costumes and instruments.


Dear guests!

According to the club rules it is not allowed to bring with you:

  1. Tea, coffee, ice;
  2. Water heater;
  3. Hookah


In case of breaking rules of the club you must compensate club’s losses according to our price list.

It is prohibited to use firecrackers, sparklers, and pyrotechnics in the club.


Best regards,

Karaoke-club Piterparty Administration.

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